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Health Whiz Game

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Our deck presents a collection of 200 words and phrases carefully crafted to deepen your understanding of concepts spanning from the environment, public figures, food, sexual health, and more, to spark meaningful conversations.

Ideal for:

- Icebreakers
- Educators looking for an interactive tool
- Families and friends seeking fun and educational entertainment
- Anyone who loves laughs, and a little competition

What's in The Box?

- 1 Deck of 200 Glossy Finish Cards

- 1 Game Guide

*weighs 1 lb 2oz

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Health Whiz Cards

$39.00 $42.99


What People Think About Our Product

Solomon N.

I learned as I laughed, it's a great game and was really interactive.


Cidney R.


HealthWhiz turns the mood around and brings valuable knowledge to friends at BBQs to classroom settings. It’s easy to understand concept makes it fun for all ages to explore concepts that are relevant to all our lives today and for a sustainable future.

Cala L.

If you want to learn more about wellness concepts in general this is the game that you should play.